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Review: AnyPresence aces enterprise mobile apps

AnyPresence combines broad client support, useful code generation, and a rich set of options for data storage and enterprise integration

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Editors Choice

In our series of reviews of MBaaS (mobile back end as a service) solutions we have examined Parse, Appcelerator, Kinvey, and FeedHenry. Given our classification of Parse as best for consumer-facing applications, it seems clear that AnyPresence, very definitely an enterprise-oriented MBaaS, competes with Appcelerator, Kinvey, and FeedHenry. However, in some ways AnyPresence stretches into a category of its own, as we’ll see.

AnyPresence is designed “to meet the evolving needs of mobile-enabling a developer ecosystem with fully portable run-time source code and zero platform lock-in.” OK, that’s a mouthful of marketing-speak. What it means, however, is that the goal of AnyPresence is not only to help enterprises build back ends for their mobile apps; AnyPresence combines app building, back-end services, and an API gateway.

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