Why you should buy computers with Linux preinstalled

In today's open source roundup: The virtues of hardware designed to run Linux right out of the box. Plus: The best desktop environment for Linux? And how Linux brought a happy couple together

One of the biggest complaints about Linux is that sometimes it can be hard to get it to work with certain kinds of hardware. But what if you buy Linux preinstalled on a computer? Does it make things easier? Going Linux explores the advantages of buying hardware that is designed to run Linux well right out of the box.

According to Going Linux:

Apple was right! Everything just works when a computer's hardware and software are designed to work together.

I've been using my new ultrabook for a couple of weeks and I've come to realize that the "magic" that Apple credits with making all of its products "just work" together, is real -- and it's not available only from Apple. When you use hardware that is made for Linux, everything just works! No need to mess with finding the right drivers. No need to worry that the display might need a tweak to get it working. No need to mess with the sound card or any other component. The advantages of having hardware and software that are designed for each other works for Linux computers just as it does for Apple devices.

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I can see the advantages of buying hardware with Linux already installed on it. It's a model that certainly works well for Apple. They have millions of happy customers who buy computers with OS X already installed, so the same model might work very well for some Linux users who aren't interested in building their own computers or who just want their systems to work well right out of the box.

I poked around on Amazon to see what I could find for preloaded Linux systems and I managed to find some desktop and laptop computers with Linux preinstalled from Acer, Dell, System76 and others. You may also want to try visiting the site of your favorite hardware manufacturer to see what sort of Linux systems they offer directly.

You can also find lists of companies that sell computers with Linux preinstalled on GNU.org, Lxer and Debian.org. Computerworld also has useful article that helps you weigh your options when it comes to buying systems with Linux preloaded.

The best desktop environment for Linux?

Lifehacker wants to know what you think is the best desktop environment for Linux.

best desktop environment for linux Lifehacker

According to Lifehacker:

There's no shortage of ways to customize your Linux installation, but one of the biggest is choosing your desktop environment. Some distributions have a preferred one, but you can always change it. Others ask you up front what you'd prefer. This week, we're looking to you Linux users—which do you think is the best?

Your choice of desktop environment isn't a small one—it can determine how your entire Linux install behaves and how easy it is to use, how many of your favorite features are bundled in, and what add-ons, themes, and custom tools you can and can't install.

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