The coming together of Android and Chrome OS

In today's Android roundup: Speculation runs rampant about Google merging Chrome OS and Android. Plus: How to filter out junk apps in the Google Play store, and will your device get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update?

There have been a number of stories in the media recently about how Google may be working towards combining Android and Chrome. This includes Android apps that run on Chrome OS and vice versa. PC World looks at eight ways Google is beginning to unite Android and Chrome OS.

chromeos android unification Engadget

According to PC World:

...Chrome OS and Android have been forging closer ties over the past months, evolving into two highly complementary operating systems. Chrome OS can run Android apps, and Android can run Chrome apps. But it doesn’t end there: New features will make a Chromebook and Android phone or tablet complement each other much more nicely. Here are eight notable ways the lines are beginning to blur.

1. Easy unlock
2. Android notifications on your Chromebook
3. Android apps on Chromebooks
4. Chrome apps on Android
5. USB file transfer
6. Chrome tabs in Android's app switcher
7. Material Design
8. Project Athena

More at PC World

PC World isn't the only site speculating about a unification of Chrome OS and Android. ZDNet also wondered if Android and Chrome would marry, and CNet thinks a change in executives could herald such a merger. Even the Wall Street Journal's Digits jumped in with a story about Chrome OS and Android being brought together by Google.

Of course speculation about Chrome OS and Android merging is nothing new. Way back in 2009, Engadget had an article that quoted Sergey Brin in a CNet interview as saying that Android and Chrome OS "will likely converge over time." So what's happening now is most likely just Google's long-term plans for both operating systems coming to fruition.

Is a true merger of the two operating systems really going to happen anytime soon? We'll just have to wait and see what Google does in the days ahead.

How to filter out junk apps in the Google Play store

Android Police reports that Google has added a filter to limit search results to apps with four stars or higher ranking.

google play store four star app filter Android Police

According to Android Police:

The new filter is in a dropdown at the top of the screen when you limit searches to apps only (I mean apps generally, so games too). Just click the "4 stars +" option in the rating dropdown and you're done. Maybe more rating categories will be added later, but this is probably the most useful. I can't think of many instances I'd want to include apps that get less than 4 stars in a search.

More at Android Police

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