Five free office suites for Linux

In today's open source roundup: Five free office suites for Linux. Plus: Disproving outdated myths about Linux, and Linux Journal looks at the Anker desktop charger

Office suites are important productivity tools that many of us depend on day in and day out. Fortunately, we have a range of office options to choose from in Linux. Some are open source and some are not, but all are useful in their own right. Linux Links has a useful roundup of five free office suites.

According to Linux Links:

Microsoft Office still dominates market share of office suites. Businesses have often rejected free Office alternatives. However, whether this will continue is uncertain. With the cost of a price plan for Microsoft Office, the average home user or small business will welcome a free alternative. Fortunately, there are some truly excellent free alternatives available for Linux (and other operating systems). Not all of the office suites featured here are released under an open source license, but they are all free to download and use without charge.


Apache OpenOffice

Calligra Suite

Google Docs

SoftMaker FreeOffice

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Free Linux office suites
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This is a pretty good roundup of some of the office suites available for Linux. But you may also want to check out some of these other articles for some additional ideas and perspectives:


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Nerd's Magazine:

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My favorite among the bunch listed in the first article is definitely LibreOffice. It offers so much in one package, probably far more than most average users will actually need. But it's tough to beat if you need a comprehensive office solution.

Disproving the myths about Linux

Datamation has a useful article that tries to cut through the fog of myths that sometimes surround Linux in the minds of some users.

According to Datamation:

Over the years, we've heard from countless Microsoft Windows fans as to why they believe using Linux was nearly impossible. These folks would cite everything – from poor hardware compatibility to a lack of popular software. And I suppose at one time, some aspects of this were true.

But in 2014 when people still claim that using newbie friendly distributions like Ubuntu are too difficult, this nonsense needs to be put to rest once and for all. This article is but a small step in what I hope will be a wake up call for naysayers.

Linux Myth #1: Most people don't install operating systems

Linux Myth #2: Hardware detection half-truths

Linux Myth #3: Linux software issues

More at Datamation

I'm very glad to see this article from Datamation. I think it does a good job of dispelling some of the vapid misinformation that's out there about Linux. It always irritates me when I hear some of these myths repeated by people when the subject of Linux comes up.

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