DistroWatch resolves its domain registrar problems

In today's open source roundup: DistroWatch fixes its domain registar issues. Plus: CrossOver 13.2 improves, and what text editor do you use?

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Last week the Linux world was surprised to find that DistroWatch was not available at its usual domain name. Many wondered what was happening with the site, and it turned out that it had some domain registrar problems. Ladislav Bonar clarifies what went wrong last week and assures DistroWatch readers that the site has already been transferred to a new registrar.

According to DistroWatch:

The transfer of distrowatch.com has been completed already (I am so relieved, believe me!) and the transfer of distrowatch.org will go ahead later this week. Once again, apologies for the downtime.

It was simply a matter of the domain registrar unilaterally imposing a charge for a service that I had never asked for, didn't need and wouldn't use. When I refused to pay, they simply disabled the entire domain (not just the service I didn't want to pay for), even though the issue had been sorted out (or so I thought) with a support technician. Of course, Doteasy doesn't do technical support on weekends, but the company is quite happy to disable your website on a Saturday night! As they say, fool me once... well, you know the rest.

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DistroWatch new domain registrar
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I'm sure that this news will come as a relief to all of the distrohoppers out there who were wondering if DistroWatch was going to go away forever. It's a shame that all this had to happen though, it alarmed a lot of people needlessly. I'm glad that DistroWatch is dropping its old domain registrar and moving on to a new one.

Can you imagine what would happen if DistroWatch really did disappear forever? It's hard to contemplate as the site is such an amazing treasure trove of information about Linux distributions. It's certainly one of my first stops whenever I need to find out what's going on with a particular distribution. So thank goodness that all is now well with the site.

CrossOver 13.2 improves Windows application support

CrossOver lets you run Windows applications in Linux. ZDNet takes a look at the latest version and finds it better than previous releases.

According to ZDNet:

Sometimes, you really need a Windows desktop application, even if you're a die-hard Linux user. For those times, I recommend CodeWeavers' CrossOver. Better still, the latest version makes installing Windows programs on Linux systems easier than ever.

In my testing of CrossOver 13.2 on my main Linux Mint 17 desktop, I found installing Windows programs such as Office 2010 much faster and simpler.

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CrossOver 13.2 for Linux
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