DistroWatch domain registrar problems alarm Linux users

In today's open source roundup: DistroWatch domain registrar problems take the site down over the weekend. Plus: A review of LXLE 14.04, and KDE tablets cancelled

DistroWatch is the premiere desktop Linux distribution site. Over the weekend it mysteriously disappeared and is still unavailable at DistroWatch.com as I write this roundup. But you can reach it at DistroWatch.org. Ladislav Bodnar explained what caused the disappearance of DistroWatch in an announcement in DistroWatch's weekly newsletter.

According to DistroWatch:

As many of you noticed, the distrowatch.com domain name was suspended by the domain's registrar, Doteasy, last Sunday. I don't want to go into details about what exactly happened as it's a long and boring story. Suffice to say that I feel grossly aggrieved by the series of greedy and even malicious actions taken by Doteasy and as soon as I get this sorted out, I will be looking into transferring the distrowatch.com domain name to another registrar.

If any of you have a recommendation for a good registrar (preferably with customer support personnel that is competent), please let me know in the comments section below or send me an email to distrowatch@yandex.ru (the distrowatch.com mail service has also been suspended by Doteasy).

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DistroWatch Site Unavailable
Hat tip: ZDNet

Wow, this is quite the shocker for such a prominent and useful site. DistroWatch is pretty much the great granddaddy of all distro sites so I'm sure its sudden disappearance at its usual URL probably freaked a lot of people out. DistroWatch has such an amazing amount of useful information about desktop Linux distributions that it's almost unthinkable for it to suddenly disappear.

Thankfully, it's still up and running at its .org address. So you can easily continue to peruse distro news, reviews and downloads. I hope they are able to get their domain registrar problems worked out ASAP since many people probably don't know about the .org address. There are probably more than a few confused Linux junkies out there right now.

When I first heard the news DistroWatch was down, I was counting the moments until someone created a conspiracy that would place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the NSA. Hey, you have to keep those pesky "Linux extremists" in their place right NSA?

LXLE 14.04 review

Speaking of DistroWatch, the site has a review this week of LXLE 14.04, a respin of Lubuntu that is geared toward older computers.

According to DistroWatch:

Generally speaking, I enjoyed my time with LXLE. The distribution got off to a good start with a smooth installation process and the project features clear documentation and release notes, letting people know exactly what to expect from the distribution. I like the LXDE desktop as I feel it does an excellent job of balancing user friendliness, performance and features.

All in all, I was happy with what LXLE has to offer. The distribution does a really good job of supplying a lot of functionality with a small resource footprint. The desktop environment is fairly lightweight, can be tailored to look familiar to a variety of users and is responsive. I found the system to be stable and easy to navigate. There were a few minor issues during my trial, but certainly no major problems. I think LXLE is a fine distribution for both ageing computers and new Linux users.

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LXLE 14.04 review
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