Linux Mint 17 KDE released

In today's open source roundup: Download the final release of Linux Mint 17 KDE. Plus: A slideshow of Linux Lite 2.0, and Springseed 2.0 gets a facelift

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Linux Mint 17 KDE has been released, and you can download it today (see the download links below). Linux Mint 17 KDE features KDE 4.13 along with numerous Linux Mint enhancements and updates. Linux Mint 17 KDE also offers long term support that includes security updates until 2019.

According to Linux Mint Blog:

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” KDE.

Linux Mint 17 is a long term support release which will be supported until 2019. It comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.

New features at a glance:

Update Manager

Driver Manager

Login Screen

Software Sources

Welcome Screen

KDE 4.13

System Improvements

Artwork Improvements

Main Components

LTS Strategy

More at Linux Mint Blog
Linux Mint 17 KDE Released
Image credit: Linux Mint Blog

You can use these torrents to download Linux Mint 17 KDE:

Linux Mint 17 KDE 32-bit

Linux Mint 17 KDE 64-bit

There are tons of other download links available on the announcement page linked above. So use them if you prefer not to use torrents to download Linux Mint 17 KDE.

If you run into any problems using Linux Mint 17 KDE be sure to check out some of these helpful resources:

Linux Mint Blog

Linux Mint Documentation

Linux Mint Downloads

Linux Mint Forum

Linux Mint Site

I haven't had a chance to use Linux Mint 17 KDE, but my experiences with the Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce versions were all quite good. I expect that Linux Mint 17 KDE will compare well to the other Linux Mint spins. All of them are live desktop environments so you can easily run them off a disc before actually installing them on your computer.

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