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In today's open source roundup: Linux Mint 17 gets high marks from reviewers for useful interface tweaks, helpful new features and long term support

Linux Mint 17 was released a few days ago and the reviews of the long term support release are starting to come in. As expected most reviewers seemed to take a very positive view of Linux Mint 17. The useful interface tweaks, helpful new features and the stability of a long term support release make Linux Mint 17 a great option for desktop Linux users.

Hectic Geek seemed to like Linux Mint 17 a lot, but noted that it took slightly longer to boot than Linux Mint 15 though it was faster than the latest Debian edition of Linux Mint.

According to Hectic Geek:

Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon edition comes with quite a few new features and has enhanced some of existing ones. It boots & shuts down fast, memory efficient, performs well under stress, officially supported until 2019, consumes a bit more power at idle but that can be fixed, I cannot see why I should not recommend it!.

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Linux Mint 17 Review at the Hectic Geek
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Linuxed felt that Linux Mint 17 has finally eclipsed Ubuntu and other distributions in this release. The site also noted that Cinnamon's performance has improved significantly in Linux Mint 17 and consumes less memory than GNOME 3.

According to Linuxed:

As I said, Mint 17 is perhaps a landmark release for Mint as they are moving to Ubuntu LTS as base for their successive releases. I am not sure of it's implications but I am very happy of what I see in Mint 17 LTS. The Cinnamon spin feels lighter than most of the GNOME 3 and Unity spins I have used, supported by lower resource usage recorded by me. For me, Linux Mint has done it again and I go with a score of 9.5/10 for Mint, higher than Pinguy OS or Ubuntu 14.04.

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Cinnamon Performance in Linux Mint 17
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Jay LaCroix, the author of Linux Mint Essentials, has a video review on YouTube that covers the MATE and Cinnamon versions of Linux Mint 17. His conclusions about Linux Mint 17 mostly match the other reviewers and he thinks it's a worthy upgrade for current Linux Mint users.

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Overall it looks like the Linux Mint developers pretty much hit a home run with Linux Mint 17. These reviews aside, most of the other feedback I've seen on the web about Linux Mint 17 has been quite positive. My own experience matches that, and I think most people will really enjoy it on their computers.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.

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