Ubuntu for Android is dead

In today's open source roundup: Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development. Plus: Unreal Tournament 4 for Linux, and Firefox Versus Konqueror

Every now and then a company comes up with a scheme that sounds great at first, but then it dies a slow death once the company realizes that the project just doesn't make sense. It looks like Ubuntu for Android has become one of those dead products, according to Muktware.

According to Muktware:

The Ubuntu for Android project was launched in early 2012 with the aim to merge Android Mobile and Ubuntu Linux desktop. According to Canonical, the project has been shelved for now and is not under active development.

Ubuntu for Android was an innovative project which would allow Android Mobile users to dock their smartphones to desktop, and boot up Ubuntu Linux from the device making the setup a full fledged Ubuntu PC. The data would be stored on the smartphone and shared between both the operating systems.

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Ubuntu for Android Dead
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This doesn't surprise me in the least, I always thought it was a bad idea. How many Android users would really want to boot into Ubuntu and use their phone as their desktop computer? It just doesn't make much sense for most people though I'm sure a few would probably do it.

It's a particularly odd idea when you consider that Android for the desktop has also become available and seems to be selling well on Amazon. As I write this article the Acer DA220HQL Android All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop is #16 on Amazon's desktop best seller list.

Why use a dual-boot Android/Ubuntu phone as your desktop computer when you can just buy a desktop that uses Android instead?

New Unreal Tournament for Linux?

GamingOnLinux speculates about the possible release of Unreal Tournament 4 for Linux.

According to GamingOnLinux:

So, looks like Unreal Tournament 4 is a thing, do we trust them enough after the issues surrounding UT3 that were never discussed and the Linux port although functional never came to fruition?

I think we can forgive them now the entire engine behind it has Linux support can't we? We can forgive, but never forget!

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Unreal Tournament 4 for Linux
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