Lubuntu might be the best Linux distro for Windows XP users

In today's open source roundup: Lubuntu could be the best replacement for Windows XP. Plus: A review of Portal 2 for Linux, and an interview with the creator of educational distro Ubermix

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Portal 2 beta review

Softpedia has a review of the Portal 2 beta, and thinks it's coming along nicely.

Portal 2 is a lesson of what can be achieved with a minimalistic approach and a lot of dedication. This is not a big game, by any standards, but the quality of the work and of the gameplay surpass many big-budget titles.

You know that you have an amazing game when people are playing it just to hear the crazy robot or to create levels that will be played and enjoyed by others. The strength of Portal 2 is not in just one catchy feature, it’s the entire package.

Portal 2 for Linux is still in the Beta stages. I have yet to find any bugs, and if you don’t own the title yet, you really need to get it. There are very few games that offer the same array of fun stuff, and there is nothing that can even come close in term of voice work.

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Portal 2 Beta Review Linux
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I was somewhat surprised to see a review for a game that's still in beta, but I'm glad to see that Portal 2 is coming along nicely. It looks like it's going to be a terrific option for Linux gamers when it's in final release.

Be sure to check out the screenshots of Portal 2 for Linux. You can also check out the official Steam announcement of the Portal 2 beta, with instructions on how you can access it.

Interview with Ubermix creator Jim Klein has an interview Jim Klein, the founder of educational distro Ubermix.

How are we going to teach the next generation about open source and Linux? More importantly, how can we get the right technology into classrooms to empower our educators to teach our children the open source way?

The opportunities that open source presents to education and academics is growing each day. highlights individual tools like Scratch and TuxPaint that are starting to make an impact—but, what about an entire education distribution? How do we make it easier to get an entire toolset into the hands of school systems, teachers, and students? How can we really move the needle and present a revolutionary open source operating system designed for kids and education?

Enter Ubermix.

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Ubermix Educational Linux Distro
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Ubermix looks like an interesting alternative to Edubuntu. I'm always pleased to see Linux distributions that help teach kids about open source software. These kids really are the future, so it's very important that they are exposed to Linux and other open source software at as early an age as possible. Kudos to Jim Klein for helping to make that possible with Ubermix.

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.


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