Five great GIMP plugins

Today in Open Source: GIMP plugins to make your photos great. Plus: A review of Fedora 20, and a Fedora 20 screenshot tour

Five Great GIMP Plugins

Tech, Travel and Talks has a helpful roundup of five great GIMP plugins.

In my entire history of using GIMP, I haven't ever felt any need to embrace Photoshop, simply because of the reason that I am not a professional. But in addition, there is a surprisingly large number of plugins for this elegant software, hat can spice up your GIMP experience, especially if you're serious about your photos. Here I list some of the most powerful and cool plugins for GIMP. All of them are free, and I provide the download links to each of them individually.

1. Photo Effects

2. HDR and HDR Plus plugins

3. National Geographic Script

4. Quick Sketch

5. Blue Sky and Clouds

More at Tech, Travel and Talks

The GIMP is an amazing tool even without plugins. But plugins can also add some additional value that can make a big difference in what you can do with it.

Speaking of the GIMP, I came across a neat digital painting on Google+ that was created with it. I'm a sucker for anything to do with dragons, so I just had to include it here so you could see it too.

So, The Witcher is responsible for me going into the "oh speedpaints so awesome must try myself" mode and is also partly responsible for the wyvern (the rest came from Hobbit movie where Smaug is a wyvern instead of a dragon).

Considering the mountains: I didn't immediately go with this, originally the (wooden) statue was supposed to be on a cliff face that stretched across half of the image, with a house around it.

Needless to say, neither the cliff nor the house turned out approximately good enough, so that's when I probably unconsciously remembered WoW and Murgole with the best city The Horde can offer (Thunder Bluff) as well as the Thousand Needles.

The Wyvern Peaks
Image credit: Žiga Pirih
More at Google+

I like the moon and clouds in the background, and the twinkling lights of the houses that stand out amidst the darkness. At first I didn't get that the wyvern is a statue, I thought it might be getting ready to swoop down on the houses and crush them like Godzilla or Smaug! Heh, heh.

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