Best Linux distro for privacy protection?

Today in Open Source: Protect your privacy with Linux. Plus: A review of PCLinux OS, and the EFF versus Canonical over Ubuntu trademark issues

Best Distro for Privacy Protection?

Privacy is in the news right now, with many people concerned about the NSA spying scandal, identity theft and hacker intrusion into their computers. TechRadar has an overview of the best Linux distros for protecting your privacy.

Among other things here at Linux Format we are also a bit clairvoyant. We decided that it was the right moment to look at 'anonymous' Linux distributions many weeks before mainstream media started discussing PRISM.

Linux 'anonymous' distros are designed to help in just these kinds of situations. As a minimum, these systems are pre-configured to make it easier to surf the web without telling everybody in clear text where, or who, you really are.

Privacy distros:






Linux Privacy Distros
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Kudos to TechRadar for this report, I'm sure some of these distros will be completely new to some Linux users. So it's great that TechRadar is drawing attention to them. I hope it helps any with privacy issues you're worried about right now.

PCLinuxOS Review

LinuxInsider has a review of PCLinuxOS 2013 and they seemed to like it a lot.

PCLinuxOS is a a satisfying Linux choice for everyday computer users. It provides the ease-of-use other distros claim but often fail to deliver. It is ideal for Web surfing as well as performing business and personal computing tasks.

If you want a desktop experience filled with special effects and eye candy, opt for the KDE options that PCLinuxOS offers. If you prefer a fast and functional desktop with nice visual effects, check out the LXDE and MATE versions.

PC Linux OS 2013 Review
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