Is CrossOver 12.5 better than Wine for Windows apps in Linux?

Today in Open Source: Run Windows apps with CrossOver 12.5 or Wine? Plus: System Shock 2 for Linux, and Chromium replaces Firefox in Ubuntu...but not right away

CrossOver 12.5 or Wine to Run Windows Apps in Linux?

SJVN covers CrossOver 12.5 and Linux over at ZDNet. CrossOver is an interesting piece of software, it lets you run Windows applications in Linux (or OS X if you are a Mac user).

Crossover is based on Wine, but adds additional features. CrossOver has a full list of changes and new features in version 12.5 on its site.

In particular, this latest version offers better support for Microsoft Outlook, Quicken, Internet Explorer 7, and improved compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite. The company has also fixed several crashes and made numerous usability improvements.

On Linux, CrossOver boasts a new user interface. This makes it much easier to launch your installed Windows applications. I also found it easier in general to install Windows apps on Linux with CrossOver 12.5.

More at ZDNet

I know that some folks will view CrossOver with a dubious eye. Why pay $59 if you can just run Wine itself instead? Well, for some people that is certainly true. But I suspect that there are a fair number of Linux users who might want to opt for CrossOver's greater ease of use than generic Wine.

Frankly, if I were going to run Windows applications in Linux, I'd probably just use CrossOver. Yeah, it would cost me a few bucks but it would probably save me time and effort in getting Windows apps to run properly in Linux, and to manage them after they were installed and running.

Fortunately for me, I have no use for any Windows applications. I left that platform years and years ago, and there's nothing there that I need to use in terms of applications.

If you don't mind doing a bit more work, Wine is also a great option. It's free and you can get support from the Wine community. You can even become a developer for Wine if you want to contribute to the project.

What's your take on CrossOver 12.5? Is it your cup of tea or would you opt for Wine instead? Or are you like me and simply don't need any Windows applications? Tell me in the comments.

System Shock 2 for Linux

It looks like the game System Shock 2 is going to appear on Steam for Linux, according to More good news for Linux gamers.

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