Linux worm wriggles its way into routers, cameras and other devices

Today in Open Source: Beware the Linux.Darlloz worm. Plus: Joe Danger game for Linux, and a screenshot tour of SolydX 201311

The Linux.Darlloz Worm

There's a nasty Linux worm wriggling its way into routers, cameras and other devices, according to Ars Technica.

Researchers have discovered a Linux worm capable of infecting a wide range of home routers, set-top boxes, security cameras, and other consumer devices that are increasingly equipped with an Internet connection.

Linux.Darlloz, as the worm has been dubbed, is now classified as a low-level threat, partly because its current version targets only devices that run on CPUs made by Intel, Symantec researcher Kaoru Hayashi wrote in a blog post published Wednesday. But with a minor modification, the malware could begin using variants that incorporate already available executable and linkable format (ELF) files that infect a much wider range of "Internet-of-things" devices, including those that run chips made by ARM and those that use the PPC, MIPS, and MIPSEL architectures.

More at Ars Technica

This is a good reminder to purchase only devices that can be updated regularly with the latest security patches. Older devices without the capability to install the latest patches seem more vulnerable to Linux.Darlloz.

Joe Danger Coming to Linux

It looks like Linux gamers may get a Christmas present in the form of Joe Danger. The popular game is coming to Linux (and Mac) gamers soon according to PCGamesN.

The versions of Joe Danger hitting the new platforms are, naturally, the existing PC versions, with all their enhanced graphical glory and Steam Workshop support.

Hello Games promisies that Mac and Linux users will be able to jump behind the handlebars of Joe Danger ‘real soon’.

More at PCGamesN

It looks like Valve's SteamOS is already having a halo effect on Linux gaming. The Joe Danger developers seem to want to be out front in having their product ready for the Steam Machines when they are released.

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