Your favorite Linux apps?

Today in Open Source: Share your favorite Linux apps. Plus: Switching from OS X to Linux, and switching from Windows 7 to Linux

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Share your favorite Linux apps

There's a very interesting thread on Reddit about favorite Linux apps.

I just revived an old Dell 1520 laptop. I put Fedora 20 on it. I was looking for some software to install on it. I'm not talking about anti-virus and/or basic mail clients and what not. I'm asking for some software that isn't normally found on these top 50. What are your personally favorite apps to use? And what do they do?

Thanks :)

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I always enjoy threads like these because they help new Linux users discover applications that they might otherwise never know about. There are so many fantastic applications available for Linux that it can be overwhelming to new users. So an app discovery thread like this can help guide people to some of the best applications out there for Linux.

I was also happy to see that Abiword was mentioned in the thread. It's a lightweight word processor that works very well, but it never seems to get much attention these days.

VLC also got mentioned a number of times. It's a very prominent app for Linux, but I'm amazed at how many people coming to Linux from OS X or Windows aren't aware that it exists. It does so much in terms of media that I consider it a "must-have" for Linux.

What are your favorite Linux applications? Share them in the comments below. Thanks in advance for offering your thoughts.

Switching from OS X to Linux

Speaking of new Linux users, there's another thread on Reddit that explores how to switch from OS X to Linux.

I've been using a macbook/ibook in a variety of formats for (hand waving) some 8 years now and having finally had a fiddle with a modern distro on a desktop of some power, I'm pondering taking a step into the unknown and picking a linux based laptop as my next purchase (possibly an XPS, although I covet very much the Google Chromebook Pixel, but this all for later research).

Has anyone switched over wholesale recently? Any tips/tricks or big caveats worth noting?

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I have a couple of Macs at home, so I'm frequently switching back and forth between OS X and Linux. So to me it's rather old hat, but I can see Linux might feel a bit daunting to someone coming from OS X who hasn't used Linux before.

No worries though, these days there are so many great desktop distros that there's something for everybody, including OS X switchers. If you're considering switching to Linux from OS X, you might want to install VirtualBox on your Mac.

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