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The best new features in Windows Server 10 (so far)

The early look at Windows Server 10 reveals many expected enhancements and nice surprises

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Windows 10

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Alongside Microsoft's Oct. 1 release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, the company offered early previews of the next iteration of Windows Server and System Center. With final releases not expected until the summer of 2015, these extremely early technical previews are a marked departure from the norm for Microsoft. Far from being feature complete or even stable, the Windows Server Technical Preview nevertheless presents a way to become familiar with new features coming down the pike, and to put the UI changes through their paces.

As you'd expect, Windows Server Technical Preview largely builds on virtualization, storage, networking, and management capabilities introduced with Windows Server 2012. But it also holds a few nice surprises. Here is a quick tour of the highlights -- for now. We're sure to see much more in the coming months.

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