InfoWorld Bossie Awards promotional information

Guidelines for InfoWorld Bossie Award winners

InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software Awards

Congratulations! To help you promote your win, InfoWorld has supplied the following PR information and usage guidelines.

Note that companies named as an InfoWorld Bossie Award winner may be referenced in press outreach to publicize the awards and InfoWorld’s content about the awards. InfoWorld will not disclose proprietary corporate information, but it may highlight information included by your organization in the original InfoWorld Bossie Awards content.

InfoWorld logo usage and guidelines

As an InfoWorld Bossie Award winner, you have the opportunity to purchase a license for the rights to use the Bossie logo. Please contact the YGS Group via phone at (800) 290-5460 x129 or via email at

The InfoWorld Bossie brand is a valuable asset that InfoWorld Media Group needs to protect. We ask that you help us by properly using the logo in accordance with our guidelines listed below. Accordingly, we ask that your business partners, customers, and other third parties adhere to the guidelines listed below.

Parties given permission to use the InfoWorld Bossie logotype must adhere to the following rules:

  • The logotype may not be altered in any manner, including size, proportions, colors, elements, type, or in any other respect. You may not animate, morph, or otherwise distort its perspective or dimensional appearance.
  • The logotype may not be combined with any other graphic or textural elements and may not be used as a design element of any other logo or trademark.
  • The logotype must be separated from your company name and product names by the space of one logo width or one inch, whichever is greatest.

If you have questions, please contact Stacey Raap in IDG Communications Marketing.

PR opportunities

Please read the following guidelines carefully before preparing a press release that references InfoWorld and the InfoWorld Bossie rankings.

Obtaining a quote from InfoWorld

If your company wishes to include a quote attributed to an InfoWorld spokesperson, please use the following quote to reinforce InfoWorld Bossie key messages. Modified versions of this quote are subject to approval from InfoWorld. All quotes should be attributed to Doug Dineley, Executive Editor, InfoWorld.

“InfoWorld’s 2017 Bossie Award winners show that open source continues to lead the way in every corner of computing. Among our 72 winners you’ll find not just the best open source projects, but the best software period. These are the tools that are changing the way companies build applications, operate their datacenters, and run their businesses.”

References to InfoWorld and the InfoWorld Bossie Awards

All communications involving InfoWorld and the InfoWorld Bossie Awards must be consistent with the style and content listed below:

  • The full feature name is the InfoWorld Bossie Awards
  • InfoWorld is always one word, and the “w” is capitalized.
  • On first reference, list the publication as “IDG’s InfoWorld.” InfoWorld as a stand-alone name may be used after the first reference.
  • If a subsidiary of an organization is included in the rankings, press releases or marketing material should specify that the unit—not the parent organization—received the award. If the parent unit is cited, the name of the subsidiary unit should be more prominent in placement, size, and usage than that of the parent unit.

The following approved InfoWorld corporate boilerplate and short InfoWorld Bossie Awards description may be used, where appropriate, in press releases referencing inclusion in the InfoWorld Bossies feature.

Description of InfoWorld Bossie Awards

Companies around the world rely on technology to enable and enhance their business operations and deliver on their business strategies. The annual InfoWorld Bossie Awards recognize the best business-oriented open source software products.

Corporate boilerplate

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