3 key changes you must make to succeed in the cloud

The movement to the cloud means that people, processes, and technology must change

In case you haven’t noticed, enterprises are moving to cloud platforms at an accelerated rate. A few years ago, we were dipping our toes in. Now, many enterprises have pushed dozens of applications and data stores to the cloud -- mostly public, but some private.

With the migration under way, we’re learning new lessons. Here are the top three.

First, cloud typically means a change in the required skill sets in enterprises. New programming approaches and languages need to be understood, including how to build or -- more often -- rebuild cloud-native applications. Thus, you’ll need architects and developers who understand how cloud-based platforms actually work.

Second, processes change as well. With the use of devops as an approach to rapidly build and deploy cloud-based applications, you have to deal with new approaches for continuous delivery, development, integration, and deployment. It’s not the human-intensive work of a few years ago; it’s now all automated.

Third, the technology obviously changes. Clouds are a different than traditional platforms, though components such as operating systems and databases may seem to be the same and even work the same. They are multitenant systems with their own native features that should be exploited -- again, by the right skill set.

How should you prepare for this change? You’ve very likely changed technology paths many times in the past, and this time is no different. It’s a matter of accepting that change is occurring and planning for it by making sure there is enough budget to obtain the right people and resources.

Many enterprises like to look at the movement to cloud as self-funding. Yes, there is money to be saved -- in fact, a lot of it. However, it takes money to get the people and technology you need, so you need to increase the budget, at least initially.

Hard? Yes, but most things that are worth doing are hard. It’s going to take a concerted effort to make the cloud work. You might as well deal with that fact now rather than later.

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