Run anywhere again: Java hooks up with Docker

Zulu JVM is the first Docker offering to be officially certified as Java-compliant

Azul Systems is offering its certified Zulu JVM via Docker, enabling developers to more quickly package and distribute applications.

Applications can more easily be redeployed on servers or made available on public clouds using Docker. "You configure it once, and once it's configured, it's very easy to [roll it out] in multiple places," Azul President/CEO Scott Sellers said in an interview. Although others have offered Java via Docker, Azul says its open source Zulu JVM is the first Docker-based Java offering to be officially certified as Java-compliant and fully supported. "This is really needed in order for enterprises to deploy Java on Docker in real production environments," Sellers said.

Azul's move acknowledges Docker's growing acceptance, according to analyst Jay Lyman of 451 Research. "It is another sign of Docker's progression and appeal among more mainstream and larger enterprises, where Java is often more prevalent and significant," Lyman said in an email. "As testament to the rapidly forming Docker ecosystem and market, there are usually many tools, vendors, and options for development, management, and orchestration. In the case of enterprise Java, there are different software tools and vendors associated with Docker, including Azul and Red Hat." 

Docker is the hot technology of the day. A Datastax official recently lauded the partnering of Docker with Java, and Google has made its new Dart language platform available via Docker images.

Although Azul is going public with its Docker JVM today, the technology has been available for a couple weeks. It can be accessed on the Docker registry by searching on "Zulu," "OpenJDK," or "Azul." Azul's JVM supports Java versions 6, 7, and 8 via Docker, with support for Java 9 planned when that version is available. Zulu on Docker has passed official OpenJDK TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit) testing, Azul said, and is based on the OpenJDK open source implementation of Java.

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