Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2014 Enterprise Architecture Awards

At a time when Web and mobile technology development have become top priorities, effective enterprise architecture matters more than ever. Here are this year's six winning initiatives

InfoWorld Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award 2014

Enterprise Architecture Awards

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Welcome to the fifth annual Enterprise Architecture Awards, presented by InfoWorld, Forrester Research, and the Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture. This year, we have six winning EA programs from the following companies: Allstate Insurance, Australia Post, Dell, Dubai Customs House, Molina Healthcare, and State Farm Insurance Companies.

This group shows how far EA has come in terms of overall business impact and, in particular, in its focus on customer-facing systems that drive engagement and increase revenue. Our winners clearly understand that big data and mobile are more than leading-edge technology areas -- they also represent enormous opportunity to increase customer interaction and prove the value of EA done right.

The winners were selected by a six-person panel of leading EA practitioners:

  • Gary Vonderhaar, enterprise architecture group executive, and
  • Vijay Bhuvanagiri, head of business architecture at Mastercard, a 2013 Enterprise Architecture Awards winner
  • Igor Gershfang, senior director of emerging technology solutions at Walgreens
  • Jason Graf, IT director at Yum Brands, another 2013 winner
  • Eric Meredith, vice president of architecture governance and communications at PNC Financial
  • David Parrott, chief architecture officer at Thomson Reuters

We're grateful for our panel's efforts in selecting finalists and choosing six winners among many worthy entrants. The results speak for themselves. It's difficult to imagine an array of EA practices that could be more successful in helping their organizations achieve strategic business goals.

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