Wanted: Puppet, Python, hottest of the red-hot tech skills

Along with security and big data expertise, Puppet and Python lead the list of desirable skill sets among hiring companies on Dice.com


Puppet's devops platform leads Dice.com's latest list of fastest-growing technology skills in demand, and the Python language is continuing an upswing in the job market.

As of early this month, the open source Puppet IT automation tool leads the way among big movers in the nearly 80,000 jobs posted on Dice.com on any given day, year-over year. "It has gained a foothold with some of tech's biggest players, and Puppet Labs completed a $40 million round of investment funding in mid-June," Dice.com President Shravan Goli said in a report this week. "We expect tech professionals with automation and orchestration experience to continue to be on hiring managers' wish lists into the future."

Puppet-related jobs on Dice.com increased 91 percent in the past year. Along with companies like Chef, Puppet has been prominent in devops, which looks to merge IT and development sides of an organization.

Python skills finished 10th on Dice.com's list with 21 percent growth, continuing an upward trend following a strong spring. "It's a mature language -- been around for 25 years -- yet is a foundational language taught in college level courses today," Goli said in an email. "Large companies and startups alike use it to build Web properties. Developers like that it's simple, yet powerful."

Dice.com also found that data security offers job opportunities, with cyber security (77 percent increase) and information security (30 percent) turning up second and ninth, respectively, on the list. "As an increasing number of data breaches make headlines and consumer anxiety concerning personal information abounds, organizations' and retailers' need for bench strength when it comes to IT security needs little explanation," Goli said.

Big data skills (56 percent) rank third on the list, with the concept now spanning industries ranging from pharma to defense systems and even video games. NoSQL skills (49 percent) ranked fourth, aided by increased acceptance of mobile apps, big data, and cloud computing.

Salesforce CRM skills (43 percent) skills ranked fifth, and Hadoop skills (38 percent) placed sixth. Goli noted that "as more and more businesses seek to analyze and interpret massive amounts of stored information, this open source Apache framework will continue to gain traction."

Following Hadoop was Jira-related skills, pertaining to Atlassian's issue-tracking platform (35 percent). "There are more startups and tech companies today than even a few years ago. Jira has benefited from this and seen tremendous viral growth," said Goli. Cloud skills (34 percent) placed eighth. Dice.com cited an Intuit report anticipating growth in cloud use by small businesses and further pointed out that increased cloud usage spurs job opportunities in this space.

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