Watch the iPad event in its entirety

The next-next best thing: Watch the video of the presentation as Steve Jobs does his magic

Perhaps the biggest disappointment about Apple's withdrawal from Macworld Expo is that the general public no longer has an opportunity to attend an Apple product announcement. Wednesday's iPad unveiling was an invitation-only event for the media, analysts, and special guests.

The next best thing: Watch a live blog, like the one Jason Snell and Dan Moren posted. But that had technical problems caused by high demand (we weren't the only site that had difficulties).

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The next-next best thing: Watch the video of the presentation itself. Apple has posted the iPad event in its entirety. It's available in three resolutions (320-by-180, 480-by-270, and 640-by-360). The video is available only as a stream. (As of this writing, the event video has yet to be posted to the Apple Keynotes section in the iTunes Store.)

So gather your friends, put on your collection of Iomega buttons from past Expos, wear something around your neck and pretend it's a name badge, watch the stream, and hoot and holler as Steve Jobs does his magic. It's almost like being there, without having to wait in line.

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