Specialty iPad apps for business users

There are as many uses for an iPad at work as there are for a computer. InfoWorld presents the apps that serious iPadders should know about

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Business miscellany
Do you ever come across a Web page you'd like to read later, when you have the time? Sure, you can bookmark those pages, but wouldn't it be nice if you could somehow save them to your iPad and read them at your convenience? And wouldn't it be even nicer if you could read them without Internet access, such as when you're on an airplane? It's all possible with Marco Arment's $5 Instapaper Pro.

Do all sorts of business calculations with Joaquin Grech's $3 Financial Calculator app -- cash flow, annuity growth, amortization, you name it.

If you make lots of presentations, Bombing Brain Interactive's $10 Teleprompt+ for iPad turns your iPad into a teleprompter.

The iPad limits what content can be displayed on an external monitor even when you have the $29 Apple iPod Dock to VGA Connector installed. The $1 Expedition VGA app from Steve Gee lets you display the browser contents on an external monitor, such as for demos and walkthroughs.

If your work involves mathematics, Chaoji Li's $7 TeX Equation lets you create complex formulas for use in documents, using the popular TeX math-coding syntax.

Calculate shipping and track packages with the free apps from FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service. Note that these are all iPhone apps, so they appear in a small window on your iPad.

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