JBoss officials exit for open source startup

Core Developers Network is founded

Core Developers Network, a services company for integrating Java-based open source software projects, was officially launched on Wednesday, spawned out of organizations such as the JBoss Group.

Core Developers wants to focus on integration of open source projects rather than on just the JBoss application server, said Dain Sundstrom, a Core Developers partner.

"Each one of our partners has a different personal reason for leaving [to go to Core Developers]. What it comes down to is wanting to be involved in a company that's founded on the core values described on our Web site," he said.

The new company's Web site describes itself as a partnership of peers with the "guiding principles of integrity, openness and fairness."

The Minneapolis-based company said in a statement that "its charter is to provide a commercial infrastructure to enable open source contributors to deliver their professional expertise to the marketplace, independent of their contributions to open source projects."

Sundstrom describes Core Developers Network as "a services company focusing on enterprise, open source Java software."

Sundstrom said he left JBoss Group on Tuesday and stressed that other partners have come from elsewhere besides just JBoss, such as the Apache Jakarta project. JBoss Group provides support for the JBoss open source Java-based application server.

He said Core Developer partners departing from JBoss did so because they had a different vision, rather than a dispute with, the JBoss Group.

Many of the organization's officials, or partners, are core developers with "cvs commit" privileges on the JBoss project, according to Core Developers Network. Partners also have participated in projects such as Jetty and XDoclet.

Direct support from Core Developers Network is available for all these projects and others as well, the company said.

Core Developers Network said in its statement, "A few of our partners have offered support through the JBoss Group LLC in the past, but for various reasons have concluded that their professional aspirations would be better served outside of the JBoss Group LLC."

Core Developers for a limited amount of time is offering free support to customers previously supported by its partners.

Marc Fleury, founder and CEO of JBoss Group, could not be reached for comment on Wednesday afternoon.

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