Cyber-Ark shuts vault to sensitive data 

New gateway options bolster Inter-Business Vault 

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Cyber-Ark this week unveiled three new gateways as part of its Inter-Business Vault (IBV) 2.0 release to enable an isolated safe haven for organizations to secure and share sensitive documents and information across an enterprise. 

Gateway enhancements to IBV 2.0 include a new HTTP Gateway that eliminates the need for thin-client software by introducing a Web interface.  An FTP Gateway has been added to IBV to protect overnight FTP communications through an existing FTP client, said Ed Gregory, president of Dedham, Mass.-based Cyber-Ark. 

Lastly, Gregory said that IBV 2.0 offers a new Common Internet File System (CIFS) Gateway which gives users transparent access to data contained within the “vault.”

Working independently of existing network infrastructure, Cyber-Ark’s Vault technology splits the server interfaces from the storage engine. Running on a dedicated server, an isolated Vault is created as a one-direction single data access channel that is secured by two-factor authentication, PKI technology, and encryption.

Thomas King, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for mammoth investment banking firm Lehman Brothers, said his organization sought to provide a higher level of secure file storage and transfer that was simplified. Opting to avoid an in-house implementation using strict access control on file servers and e-mail systems on his Microsoft Windows 2000 server operation, King said Lehman Brothers instead chose to look toward Cyber-Ark.

King said New York-based Lehman Bros. has specifically selected the most highly confidential data out of its normal file systems to protect in Cyber-Ark’s Inter Business Vault. Only about 200 of the organization’s 12,500 employees have access to the Vault. The system has been used to securely share file volumes over the Internet with some off-shore partners.

“It is just for targeted information that needs to be shared among a fairly limited number of people in our case. It requires this heightened level of security,” said King. “We have terabytes of data. We're really only looking at storing tens of gigabytes on this.”

Inter Business Vault 2.0 featuring HTTP Gateway and FTP Gateway is available now and starts at $56,000, depending on the number of servers and clients deployed by customers. CIFS Gateway will be available later this quarter.


In this article, Ed Gregory's title was originally misreported.


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