Microsoft launches Smartphone 2003 SDK

SDK supports Visual Studio .Net 2003 IDE and the .Net Compact Framework

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Software developers can begin developing applications for the next generation of smart phones based on Microsoft's operating software, as the company has posted a software development kit (SDK) for Windows Mobile 2003-based Smartphones on its developer Web site.

Like Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs, Smartphone 2003 devices will run software based on Windows CE .Net 4.2.

The SDK, posted Thursday, includes support for the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003 IDE (integrated development environment) and the .Net Compact Framework, which will be built into the ROM of Windows Mobile 2003-based Smartphones. The framework includes support for XML Web services, and allows developers to create applications that will run across a range of platforms.

Also in the SDK is an improved emulator that allows testing of radio functions in mobile applications on a host PC, according to Microsoft's Web site. Other new features in the emulator include support for Microsoft's Game API and support for a new security feature that prompts users for their approval before they install or run a new application.

The SDK can be installed on systems running Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or Windows XP, and can be downloaded from Microsoft's developer Web site at