Apple market share near 10 percent

New figures from Net Applications show Apple has hit the 9.9 percentage mark and OS X is on course to break through the 10 percent mark by month end

Even in this slowed-down economy, it looks like Apple is doing some things right. According to new figures from the analysis firm Net Applications, Apple's market share is now just under the 10 percent mark. Of course, this study isn't totally scientific, as the group uses a certain set of Web sites to monitor OS and browser usage.

Apple has been above 8 percent for three months in a row now -- November 2008's 8.9 percent was a record high. Now that the January numbers are in, Apple has hit the 9.9 percentage mark. At this pace, OS X is on course to break through the 10 percent mark by the end of this month. Windows, meanwhile, dropped to 88.26 percent. Safari usage also saw a little bump as well, going from 7.93 to 8.23 percent.

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Recall also that Gartner predicted Apple would double its market share by 2011. Slow and steady wins the race?

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