Hands-on video guide to Windows 7

Take a tour through 10 areas in which Microsoft has revamped its venerable OS' workings

Now that Microsoft has made the Windows 7 beta available for public download, many people are trying to figure out what's new and different. And many others not willing to risk their PCs by installing a beta OS are curious, too. (Thinking of installing the beta yourself? Use InfoWorld's free Windows Sentinel applet to see if it's compatible with Windows 7.)

Either way, I've put together 10 video tours of Windows 7, explaining what's added, remove, and changed in 10 areas that business users and IT care about. The short videos are quick lessons on what you can expect when Windows 7 ships later this year or early next year.

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Lesson 1: Installation changes

Lesson 2: New desktop features

Lesson 3: The new Superbar and Aero features

Lesson 4: Application enhancements

Lesson 5: The Action Center and UAC settings

Lesson 6: Display and device improvements

Lesson 7: New networking features

Lesson 8: Control Panel applets

Lesson 9: Notable features for IT admins

Lesson 10: Libraries and searching

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