Indian IS depts of multinationals manage offshoring too

CIOs of Indian companies taking on software development, other IT tasks for their parent companies

Chief information officers of the Indian operations of multinational companies are increasingly managing software development and other IT work for their parent companies. The CIOs are taking on these responsibilities in addition to their main role of setting up and running the information systems for the local operations.

Pfizer Ltd., the Indian operation of Pfizer Inc. of New York, for example, works with software and services outsourcing companies in India to develop new systems for Pfizer entities worldwide, according to Arun Gupta, senior director for business technology at Pfizer Ltd.

Pfizer has set up centers of excellence in the Asian region, and three of these are in India, according to Gupta. "We are actually creating a lot of systems and standards which will be used by Pfizer globally," he said. IT staff at Pfizer India conceptualize the new systems, and then get outsourcing vendors involved in the development, validation, and implementation of the systems, Gupta added.

The Technology and Operations Group in India of Deutsche Bank AG not only meets the IS requirements of Deutsche Bank's commercial operations in India, but also manages the outsourcing of software development, business process outsourcing (BPO) and other operations to India by the German financial institution, said Arindam Banerrji, managing director and CIO for the India region of Deutsche Bank Group Technology and Operations.

Tyco Electronics Corp. India Pvt. Ltd., the Indian subsidiary of Tyco Electronics Corp. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is looking at getting into software development and services for the parent company, according to Sanjay Handu, director of strategic sourcing at Tyco India. Handu was head of IT at Tyco India until December. The IT skills required for outsourced software development will however be quite different from the skills of the staff that the company currently employs in its IS department, he added.

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