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WiredRed enables Web conferencing from Office apps, GreenBorder bulks up desktop security

WiredRed Jump Starts Web Conferences From Office Apps

The decision to launch a Web-conferencing session can now be made spontaneously, thanks to a new collaboration tool from WiredRed Software. The company last week rolled out a new version of its e/pop Web Conferencing software that supports the initiation of Web and video meetings directly from Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Features include multiparty video, VoIP, remote control, and desktop, application, and document sharing. Also new is support for Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers. The new version of e/pop Web Conferencing is priced starting at $3,000. Hosted services start at $350 per month.

e/pop Web Conferencing WiredRed GreenBorderBulks Up Desktop Security

GreenBorder Technologies last week announced a new version of its desktop security software, GreenBorder Professional 2.7, with upgraded administration, interoperability, and performance. By forcing untrusted content to execute in a virtual layer, where it cannot harm the network, the product aims to protect against malicious content arriving via Internet Explorer or Outlook. Enhanced administration includes simplified operation with VPNs from Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks. Pricing starts at $39.95 per seat per year; volume discounts are available.

GreenBorder Professional 2.7 GreenBorder Technologies Antepo Brings AOL Instant Messaging Into the Enterprise Fold

Secure EIM (enterprise IM) is gaining a foothold in public IM networks, allowing once-sequestered corporate workers to connect beyond the firewall via IM to public networks. To that end, Antepo last week introduced OPN System XT, a new version of its server-based EIM software that allows secure federation with the AIM (AOL Instant Messaging) network and Microsoft’s Live Communications Server 2005. OPN System XT allows secure presence and IM connectivity with AIM and Microsoft LCS 2005 clients, including Windows Messenger and Office Communicator.

OPN System XT Antepo BEA Boosts Business-Process Integration

BEA Systems is shipping an upgrade to BEA WebLogic Integration Version 8.5 that emphasizes links to process tools, network management consoles, and business-to-business integration. Version 8.5 also adds support for the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services 1.1 specification. BEA WebLogic Integration 8.5 is priced at $62,000 per CPU.

BEA WebLogic Integration BEA Systems