InfoWorld CTO 25: Eng Lim Goh

Senior vice president and CTO, Silicon Graphics

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Silicon Graphic Inc.’s Eng Lim Goh claims that increasing performance within a single constrained architecture won’t suffice for the next generation of applications. Goh oversees SGI’s Project Ultraviolet, which has produced exciting innovations for SGI’s next-generation computers. “We needed to find out why today’s applications weren’t scaling to the degree that people expect, why claimed peak system performance was moving away from actual application performance,” says Goh, who with his team has had more than 450 meetings with customers to analyze their full range of applications. One result of this research was SGI’s Multi-Paradigm computing, which uses elements of several different computational architectures to work on the same data in a single pool of very-low-latency, massively scalable shared memory. As an employee of Silicon Graphics, Goh helped create NASA's Columbia supercomputer and has also been awarded a patent in the field of visual computing.


In this article, we originally misstated Mr. Goh's role with NASA. The error has been corrected.

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