Apple iLife hacked, DVD suit axed

Is Sniffer a fluke?

My item about IT salaries rising $234 last year inspired several Cringesters to reveal how they would spend the extra coin. Michael Y. plans to take Hindi-Urdu classes at the local college to improve his chances of employment. Dale K. will make a donation to Billy Gates, so he’ll have something left when Linux eats Microsoft’s lunch. (Don’t mail that check just yet, Dale.) Others say they’ll start buying albums again to help the RIAA’s efforts to exploit musicians. It’s nice to know people are thinking about the little guys.

It’s Apple’s iLife, We’re Just Visiting: When a Cringely conspirator tried to install Apple’s iLife '04 on an iMac running OS X Server, he discovered the software forbids installation on servers. My source found a legal work-around posted the details on Apple’s support forums, only to have his posts deleted. When he submitted new instructions, he got his posting privileges revoked. (Apple says it hasn't had a chance to qualify iLife for use on servers but couldn't be reached for comment on its posting policies.) Sounds like someone needs to get an (i)Life.

Use the Force, Fluke: My spies say Fluke Networks is the mystery buyer of Network Associates’ Sniffer, whose sale was first rumored here. (Fluke's comment: No comment.) No word on whether they’re planning to change the product name to Fluffer.

Hollywood Cracks on Code: The DVD Copy Control Association has dropped its 3-year-old suit against several folks who published the source code of DeCSS, which lets users bypass DVD copy protection. Presumably the group decided it was hard to prove the defendants revealed trade secrets when anyone can buy the code silk-screened on a T-shirt. Now I know how to end the SCO lawsuits: Put Unix code on a really big shirt, then convince Ruben Studdard to wear it.

A Hoot and a Holler: My item on how Ethel Merman played backwards sounds just like David Hasselhoff inspired regular correspondent Handyvan to ask: "What do you get when you play country music backwards? You get your wife back, you get your truck back, you get your job back."

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