iPod clamor, Microsoft's spammer

Google doesn't want me

As speculated hereand elsewhere, Google is jumping on the IPO bandwagon. Yet some faithful readers say it will be an especially temperate day in Hades before Google names me its “Gman,” as I lobbied for last week. Reason No. 1? I just can’t keep Gsecrets. So much for that fortune in stock options. Gdamn!

In Pod We Trust:My itemcarving up Apple for problems getting iPods to work with the Mac OS 10.3 upgrade drew a predictably vigorous response from the Jobs Corps. Most Appletons reported their upgrades went without a hitch, thank you very much. The Pod People have spoken.

Hell and Spamnation:Rumors that Microsoft may get into the anti-spam business have proved slightly off; it seems Microsoft is getting into the spamming business. So say the Cringesters who recently received an unsolicited Executive E-Mail from CEO Steve Ballmer (infoworld.com/1328). The newsletter even found its way into the inboxes of Apple and Linux users, some of whom would rather gargle with broken glass than sign up for anything from Microsoft. Among other things, Ballmer quotes the statistic that IT pros spend 70 percent of their time managing existing systems. That couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that 99 percent of these systems run Windows, could it?

Down to Earth?:Big chunks of EarthLink’s public sitewent mysteriously incommunicado last week, according to one of my spies. Sure enough, many of the site’s pages were dark when I tried them. So I wondered: Had it been sabotaged by an ex-employee mad about the $350K bonusCEO Garry Betty pocketed after cutting 1,300 workers? Curiously, EarthLink says it can’t find any record of an outage anywhere — there have been no changes in traffic patterns, nor any complaints. Maybe it’s just one of my old girlfriends wreaking revenge on me.

Hello,Delhi:Intel’s Whitefield Xeon processor, due out sometime in 2008, will be the company’s first chip designed entirely in India, according to those cheeky blokes at The Register. Personally, I think this is great news. By 2008, salaries in India will be so high it will be cheaper to outsource the work back to the United States.

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