JetBrains storms into easy-to-use Java tools fray

Fabrique platform detailed

Looking to make inroads in the market for easy-to-use Java tools, JetBrains this week launched an Early Access Program for JetBrains Fabrique, a RAD framework for building custom Web and enterprise applications.

The Fabrique framework will function with Visual Fabrique, an IDE for Web development. A preview of Fabrique is available at

JetBrains is focusing on making it easier to develop Java applications with its Fabrique plan. “For a lot of people, they don’t need the whole power of J2EE to create simple applications, and J2EE itself is so large and complex that a lot of people have problems,” said Eugene Belyaev, president and CTO of JetBrains.

Key components of Visual Fabrique include an integrated Business Object Modeler to build an application’s data structure and define business logic. An integrated Page Designer builds and binds the browser-based user interface to associated business data, handling underlying HTML and JavaScript.

The Fabrique development framework will feature libraries and reusable application pieces. The framework will be offered for free while Visual Fabrique will be a for-sale offering. Libraries in Fabrique include standard Web services for functions such as security and user management, discussion forums, validation, and mail. Additionally, the framework can be extended through “Active Libraries,” which allow for reuse of common functions. The libraries can be extended to domain-oriented frameworks, customized IDE screens, inspection tools and property editors, user interface controls, and more.

Although Visual Fabrique will not ship until the end of the year, the company expects to compete against Sun’s upcoming Java Studio Creator tool, which is due in June and also is focused on easing Java development.

JetBrains previously has offered, IntelliJ Idea, which is a generic, code-centric Java IDE.

Also this week, Unisys released Database Solutions Generator, a browser-based tool that provides recommendations on how to best configure infrastructure around the SQL Server database platform. The tool enables a database manager to see how infrastructure needs change as the business grows and queries get more complex.

Functioning with both 32-bit and 64-bit SQL Server systems, Database Solutions Generator is available free to Unisys hardware customers via the Unisys Web site at The tool helps IT professionals understand options related to SQL Server databases, according to Unisys. Users are taken through five steps establishing sizing requirements for the server, storage, and tape backup and cover issues related to platform, availability, and recovery services. Specifications entered can be modified to see how impact changes.