Serena buys requirements management technology

Change management vendor acquires Integrated Chipware’s RTM for $3 million

Application lifecycle and change management vendor Serena Software on Monday will announce the acquisition of Integrated Chipware’s RTM (Requirements & Traceability Management) technology for approximately $3 million.

RTM will add requirements management software to the Serena portfolio. The technology provides a bridge among processes automated and integrated by the Serena Application Framework for Enterprises (SAFE), the company said. SAFE, which features the company’s TeamTrack process and issue management package at its core, is intended as a strategic vision to enable process-to-process integration across an enterprise, according to the company. Other Serena products, such as the Dimensions change management system and the Collage Web content management system, also are part of SAFE

The company also said it has completed its $380 million acquisition of Merant, which was announced in March. Merant has focused on change management in distributed systems integration while Serena traditionally was geared toward mainframes. Although there has been little overlap between the two companies’ products, Serena will replace the Merant Tracker software with TeamTrack, according to the company.

Addditionally, Serena plans to integrate its various products within six to 12 months, such as integrating TeamTrack with Serena’s Professional version and issue management software for development teams. This will enable all the various products to function together, which is now not possible in some instances. Existing integrations will be tightened as well.

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