RLX updates management software

Upgrade designed to simplify monitoring, reprovisioning of blade servers



</head> <body> <div class="rxbodyfield"> <p class="ArticleBody" page="1">RLX Technologies Inc. plans to release next month a major upgrade of its Control Tower server management software designed to simplify the task of monitoring and reprovisioning blade and 1U (1.75 inch) servers.</p> <p class="ArticleBody" page="1">The new software, called Control Tower 6G, will include enhancements to RLX's current XT version of Control Tower. It will also feature three new software modules that are not included in XT, called Workload Inspector, Automation Policy Manager, and Automatic Sparing Manager, according to RLX.</p> <p class="ArticleBody" page="1">The Automation Policy Manager software can be used to automate server tasks according to predefined conditions. Users could set a policy instructing a Web server to restart, whenever performance hits a certain threshold, or the software could be used to reprovision a new server entirely, said Scott Farrand, vice president of systems engineering at RLX. The policy conditions could be as simple as, "When things happen that I'm not expecting, notify me with an e-mail," he said.</p> <p class="ArticleBody" page="1">Of the other two new software modules, the Workload Inspector can be used to monitor network traffic, and the Automatic Sparing Manager can be used to rapidly redeploy servers that boot off of a networked storage device.</p> <p class="ArticleBody" page="1">RLX did not release pricing information for Control Tower 6G, but current Control Tower users will have to pay extra for the new software modules, Farrand said. Upgrades to the features already available in Control Tower XT will be free for existing customers, he said.</p> </div> </body> </html></article>

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