Good Technology upgrades messaging

Company targets management of wireless devices

Promising laptop functionality on a handheld, Good Technology is unveiling GoodLink Version 3.0 for wireless messaging and corporate data access.

The new version of the software will allow users to access e-mail in a format that resembles Microsoft's Outlook e-mail client, preview messages (similar to Outlook for the desktop), and open and edit attachments in native applications on the device.

The handheld ISV also developed a technology that uses the multithreading capabilities of both Palm OS 6 and Microsoft Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs so that users can multitask between applications.

Matthew Jordan, IT manager at PalmSource, said his company selected Good and Visto messaging platforms as the best for internal use. "We would have gone fully with Good if it was backward compatible with Palm 3 OS," Jordan said. "We wanted to be sure all of our internal users had e-mail access. But Good does PIMS [personal information management systems] like nobody else does," Jordan said.

"The real advantage of Good's new product is that it takes a lot of things and combines them into one package," said David Linsalata, an analyst at IDC. "They have some things, such as the multitasking, that make the device easier to use" for mobile professionals such as salespeople.

On the management side, IT will now have access to administration tools based on a manager's role, as well as Web-based network monitoring.

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