Libya missed, iPod dissed

Will Microsoft make me rich?

I’ve figured out how to make my fortune. I’ll invent a technology, let Microsoft “borrow” it, and then sue them for patent infringement. (I’m thinking of a SnarkBar plug in: Highlight text in any Word document and it inserts a smartass comment.) Hey, why not? I could use a spare $440 million.

Libya oh Libya, Say Have You Seen Libya?: The country of Libya disappeared from the Internet last week. Sites ending in the country code domain .ly were inaccessible for four days due to a dispute over who owns the rights to sell .ly domain names. So if your e-mail to Moammar Gadhafi bounced last week, now you know why. In related news, France (.fr) also disappeared briefly last week, but returned 15 minutes later saying it had just gone out for a smoke.

Host Traumatic Stress Disorder: Former DellHost denizens found themselves forcibly deported when DellHost’s new owner, VeriCenter, sold their accounts to PureHost. Unfortunately, some of their Web sites and e-mail failed to make the trip. One Cringelican reports he lost three sites he’d had on DellHost; when one of them was finally restored, it was a six-month-old version. He still hasn’t gotten all his e-mail back. CEO Steve Sydness apologized for the transition snafus, which he estimates affected about 200 DellHost customers. Wonder if he’d consider changing the company name to PureHell.

iPod Takes a Nod: Apple may have been saved by smash sales of its mini music machine, but apparently all is not well among the Poddites. My spies say upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3 can cause iTunes to crash, Power Macs to freeze up during song downloads, or iPods to say “no mas” after loading only a few hundred megs. But when something looks cool enough to make you a target for muggers, isn’t that what really counts?

Stevie and Scotty Sittin’ in a Tree: Reader Jeff W. found the perfect place for Steve Ballmer and Scott McNealy to enjoy post-nuptial bliss: Las Vegas. Now that Siegfried & Roy have stopped performing, I hear there’s an opening for a couple of well-groomed guys who can tame wild animals.

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