More stupider user tricks: IT horror stories redux

Idiot-proof your enterprise with these 10 hard-luck lessons of boneheaded IT miscues

When it comes to royally derailing IT, nothing trumps the stupidity of those whom IT is meant to serve. And though the verdict’s still out as to whether humanity is devolving toward Idiocracy, it’s certain that folks are continually finding innovative ways to screw up IT’s operations.

The last time we scrutinized that ultimate technology risk, the user, in “Stupid user tricks: Eleven IT horror stories,” David Letterman eventually called off the lawsuit. Then SWAT managed to defuse the letter bomb. And because that represented the most emotional response we received on any story last year, you knew we had to do it again. So here ’tis: more stupider user tricks.

By user we mean any schlub with network access or oversight who manages a brain fart loud enough to halt the network, compromise it, or in some other way cause harm to the enterprise, and thus the company's bottom line. Something that means at the very least a red face for several days, possibly a secret beating and swirlie administered by other employees in a darkened bathroom, even a Trumpesque directive to explore the outside world for the rest of one’s life.

So, take heed. Lessons await. And if you’ve had a run-in with userus stupidus, feel free to share the fallout.

Trick No. 1: Poor purchasing oversight

Trick No. 2: Yet another cleaning lady story

Trick No. 3: Figureheads can hurt you

Trick No. 4: Locked datacenter?! Well, let me get that for you

Trick No. 5: Green is great unless it’s due to nausea

Trick No. 6: Don't bail on e-mail

Trick No. 7: A truck load of Murphy

Trick No. 8: Cruel and unusual

Trick No. 9: One plan to rule them all

Trick No. 10: Porn filters: use 'em

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