2006 Year in Reviews: Data Management

Whether it was e-mail, analytics, enterprise documents, or database records, these tools managed it all

Databases have had a busy couple of years: 2004 gave birth to Oracle 10g, and 2005 to SQL Server 2005. In 2006, it was IBM DB2’s turn for a landmark release, with “Viper” trotting out a hybrid relational-XML data engine and other innovative features.

The year also brought strong enterprise search solutions, led by Vivisimo but with Google and others close behind, and a new twist on content management with RSS managers for the enterprise from Attensa, KnowNow, and NewsGator.

We also tracked developments in event stream processing, or complex event processing if you prefer, with StreamBase a half-step ahead of a fast-moving field including AptSoft, Progress Apama, and iSpheres. 

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