2006 InfoWorld 100 Awards: Services

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BearingPoint www.bearingpoint.com
Google Search Appliance Customization and Integration
Project Lead: Chris Weitz, Managing Director
Project Description: IT management services provider BearingPoint significantly expanded both its client and business intelligence reach with software adapters that can link GSA (Google Search Appliance) to a slew of enterprise applications, such as Documentum and FileNet, Oracle databases, and Seibel. Also, BearingPoint is offering security extensions to GSA that allow for authentication, record-level security, and custom integration. BearingPoint announced a partnership to extend the GSA throughout the enterprise with services, support, customized plug-ins, and security integration.

Digitech Systems www.digitechsystems.com
Improved Productivity With On-Demand Content Management
Project Lead: Sean Morris, Director of Client Services
Project Description: At the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, information within the Patient Accounts department was difficult to locate and requests could take as long as five days to process. The paper trail audit, critical to maintain HIPAA compliance, was in poor shape. The UIC Medical Center now has more than 1 million documents and medical records, including billing and insurance statements, stored on ImageSilo. Every month, more than 35,000 documents are viewed and retrieved. Instead of integrating applications, ImageSilo is the single source of records. The ImageSilo system also delivered the UIC Medical Center a comprehensive reporting and auditing structure to support HIPAA requirements.

Gale GFS www.galegfs.com
GFS Portal: Incident Reporting System
Project Lead: Ian Marlow, President
Project Description: Developed with its strategic partner, Agile Technologies, the company rolled out a portal that combines Internet and mobile technologies to keep track of employees, monitor crisis situations, and process maintenance requests. In addition, the portal provides a secure forum for sharing documents with clients, vendors, and employees, internally and externally.

Goodwill Industries-Suncoast www.goodwill-suncoast.com, www.support2020.com
Intranet-based Suite of Applications
Project Lead: Charlie R. Chisholm, IT Director
Project Description: Built in-house as Goodwill Industries-Suncoast's information clearinghouse, Support 2020 is now offered as a subscription service in which companies can custom design a robust assortment of features that work best for them. Its success is owed to the successful data warehouse and integration efforts of Goodwill's IT staff.

PHH Arval www.phharval.com
Telematics-Enabled Fleet Management Portal
Project Lead: David Coleman, Vice President, Telematics Strategy
Project Description: Vehicle fleet management company launched a technology solution to meet the business challenges of optimal driver productivity, risk management, and vehicle performance. PHH Onboard combines vehicle data captured by an onboard telematics device with fleet data from PHH's data warehouse and applies PHH's consulting expertise to improve cost management and productivity.

Sterling Testing Systems www.sterlingtesting.com
BPM Rollout for Handling Background Checks
Project Lead: Paul Mladineo, Vice President of Strategic Development
Project Description: Implemented Fuego BPM solution for pre-employment screening and background check processes. Leveraged data quality for improved delivery and services after modeling the sourcing processes and reusing process components where applicable, in a push to accommodate a wider variety of clients and services.

Taleo www.taleo.com
Migrated Critical IT Infrastructure to Linux
Project Lead: Bradford Benson, Executive Vice President, Products and Technology and Chief Technology Officer
Project Description: Migrated its Oracle databases housing customers' data from nonclustered Unix server platforms onto multiple clusters of HP ProLiant x86 database servers running Red Hat Linux. Key to this decision was the availability of shared data-clustering software from PolyServe for Oracle applications on Linux. The PolyServe system enabled the teams' Unix-to-Linux migration.

The Hudson Group www.hudsonltd2.com
VoIP and Data Integration to Unify Call and Customer Data
Project Lead: Mark Ustick, President and CEO
Project Description: Application service provider integrated BlueNote SessionSuite tools -- which are entirely SOA-based -- to handle incoming calls to its customers and to query Web services that it provides from its back-end systems. It then uses SessionSuite's APIs to pull the telephony log data from its phone systems and merge it with conventional customer information from applications.

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