Software AG enters SOA fray

Registry and repository are key to company's integrated Crossvision suite

Software AG is packaging existing products into an integrated platform for SOA management and governance, with the CentraSite registry and repository serving as the linchpin of the platform.

Also featured in the company's new Crossvision suite is the vendor's Service Orchestrator product for composing and orchestrating business services. It serves as Software AG's enterprise service bus. Crossvision will function with multiple vendors' messaging buses, as well as application and portal servers. Software AG is emphasizing CentraSite, which the company co-developed with Fujitsu.

"It contains all of the metadata from the other products in the suite, allowing you to have a holistic picture of how your business process management and SOA actually [function] together," said David Vap, vice president of integration solutions at Software AG.

"Our approach to integration is unique to the industry," Vap said. "The idea of having all these products store their metadata in CentraSite is not being done by anybody else."

Crossvision also features Application Composer, which leverages technologies such as AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) to compose new business applications from existing services using models rather than code.

With CentraSite, Software AG is introducing context to services, said analyst Sandra Rogers, program director for SOA, Web services, and integration at IDC.

"CentraSite is focused on deeper ontologies to classify information [and] support the artifacts beyond the services," Rogers said.

Other components of Crossvision include Business Process Manager, for controlling responsibilities of personnel using an SOA; Information Integrator, for building an information model; and Legacy Integrator, for building new services from existing systems.

Crossvision products function as plug-ins for the Eclipse open source IDE. Although the products are available now separately, the integrated suite ships in May.

The suite is priced at $180,000 for four initial "deployment units," which act as floating licenses.

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