InfoWorld CTO 25: David Ting

CTO and founder, Imprivata

Single sign-on, a deceptively simple concept with a long history of failed attempts, may have finally met its match in David Ting.

Ting, founder and CTO of Imprivata, created an appliance he calls OneSign ESSO (Enterprise Single Sign-On) that basically eliminates all application-specific passwords. Using a patent pending technology called APG (Application Profile Generator), the Imprivata system requires no modification to existing log-in code.

Ting’s solution promises to eliminate countless “I forgot my password” tech support calls. Not bad for someone whose 20 years experience has primarily been in a wholly different area, advanced imaging software.

The appliance monitors and changes passwords and sets up one point of entry, which could be a biometric device or a single, strong password. The system works for client/server, Web applications, green screens, and more.

Calling his solution “nirvana for IT,” Ting has this message for his fellow CTOs: “Passwords are just a byproduct that consumes a tremendous amount of IT productivity. You should never have to worry about passwords. It’s mechanics.”