Hold your nose! IT's dirtiest jobs

Somebody's got to do them these tech tasks -- and hopefully that somebody isn't you

Working in IT isn't always pretty -- we can't work on the cutting-edge technologies all the time. Some of us have to get dirty -- in some cases, literally.

Unfortunately, dirty jobs -- whether you're being chained to a help desk, hacking 30-year-old code, finding yourself wedged between warring factions in the conference room, or mucking about in human effluvia -- are necessary to make nearly every organization tick. (Well, maybe not the human effluvia part.)

The good news? Master at least one of them, and you're pretty much guaranteed a job with somebody. That may be a real advantage in these tough times. We don't guarantee you'll like it, though.

Here are seven of the dirtiest jobs in IT, and why your organization needs them.

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Dirty IT job No. 7: Legacy systems archaeologist
Dirty IT job No. 6: Help desk zombie
Dirty IT job No. 5: On-site reboot specialist
Dirty IT job No. 4: Interdepartmental peace negotiator
Dirty IT job No. 3: Enterprise espionage engineer (black ops)
Dirty IT job No. 2: Datacenter migration specialist
Dirty IT job No. 1: Sludge systems architect

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