How smart are you really when it comes to tech?

Do you know as much about IT and business technology as you think? Find out!

These days, being skilled is critical to keeping your tech or IT job, not just to advance. It's hard to know, of course, what you really know. That's where we can help.

Perhaps job status is not your concern: You simply like to challenge yourself. We can help there as well.

How? Through our series of quizzes from IT and tech experts.

Each of our quizzes follows the same structure: Just answer our 20 questions and see how well you rate. Correct responses are worth 5 points.

Ready? Then put your tech knowledge and IT savvy to the test:

* 2008 tech news-in-review quiz

* Windows administrator quiz

* Linux administrator quiz

* Geek IQ quiz 2008 edition

* Geek IQ quiz 2007 edition

* Programming IQ quiz

* Network security quiz

* DBA skills quiz

* Tech celebrity quiz

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