Nokia, Ikivo partner on Java for mobile devices

Caucho and JNBridge are among the host of companies making JavaOne announcements

Nokia and Ikivo are partnering to build tools that enable collaboration between graphic designers and software engineers in the development of Java applications for mobile devices.

The announcement, being made Tuesday at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, features a tool set that integrates Nokia's Platform SDK for Java, Adobe Illustrator, Ikivo Animator, and NetBeans and enables interface designers to add GUI designs to an application project without having to translate those designs to Java code. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is used to capture visual designs for integration into software development projects.

The Nokia-backed solution improves productivity of mobile Java development and bolsters the attractiveness of Java as an environment for building mobile applications with rich graphics and interactivity, Nokia and Ikivo said.

Also at JavaOne, Caucho Technology will be announcing that its Resin application server has been enhanced for developers. Featured will be a core configuration engine called Resin IoC, which is based on the Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection patterns and supports the Web Beans draft specification stipulated in Java Specification Request 299, for portability. Resin IoC removes the need to configure while coding.

Resin also offers a new implementation of HTTP-server push, known as Comet, that allows developers to build applications directly in the browser.

Caucho features an architecture called Brokered Agent Messaging in which concepts of RPC and messaging are merged using Hessian Messaging Transport Protocol (HMTP). HMTP overcomes the limits of HTTP, Caucho said.

Java and .Net interoperability tools builder JNBridge will debut JNBridgePro 4.0, for developers building cross-platform applications. Version 4.0 supports the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs. Developers can code in the opposite platform without leaving their native environment. Sixty-four-bit support also is featured.

Protecode will demonstrate the beta release of its preventative intellectual property management product. The software is a plug-in development tool that builds a bill of materials list and manages IP by logging content entering a software project and checking IP attributes against specific policies.

Kaizen Technologies, meanwhile, will launch ZenEagle, a Web infrastructure and management monitoring tool intended for small and medium-size businesses running server clusters and Java applications. ZenEagle is based on Java and open source technologies.

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