Micro Focus buys Liant

PL/I, modernization capabilities picked up

Cobol tools provider Micro Focus on Friday announced its acquisition of Liant Software for $5 million, adding PL/I and modernization capabilities to the Micro Focus fold.

The acquisition complements Micro Focus enterprise applications management products, the company said. "The acquisition of Liant is consistent with Micro Focus’s strategy of expanding our core areas of expertise," said Stephen Kelly, Micro Focus CEO, in a statement released by the company. The buy helps Micro Focus offer customers a broad range of choices to modernize their core IT systems, he said.

Liant has more than 5,000 customers organizations including ISVs and Fortune 1000 companies, Micro Focus said.

Micro Focus said that in the year to December 2007, Liant had generated a before-tax loss of $400,000 and its gross assets as of the end of last year were $2 million. With the acquisition, Micro Focus plans to restructure the business and increase margins. A restructuring charge is expected to be about $2 million the financial year dating to April 30 2009.

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