SaaSWizard offers app dev for SaaS

Apps can be quickly assembled without programming, company says

SaaSWizard is announcing Monday its SaaSWizard 2.0 rapid application development platform for building SaaS and internally hosted applications, sans programming.

Positioned for hosted business-to-business applications, the Java-based platform enables developers and original equipment manufacturers to quickly assemble applications that can be hosted by SaaSWizard or inside a corporate firewall, SaaSWizard said.

SaaSWizard offers a business rules engine to automate back-end processes.

"I'd say the main focus of the new version of functionality is the business rules engine," said Colin Earl, SaaSWizard CEO.

"It allows you to configure the program to automate business processes," such as a sales request that has been submitted but not responded to in several hours, Earl said. Business rules can be defined to escalate a request like this, he added.

Version 2.0 also features dynamic data modeling, enabling custom tables and table relationships to be created quickly; graphical drag-and-drop workflow, and a virtualized grid environment. This environment ensures that an application will continue to run when a server or other component fails.

Other new features focus on application customization, auditing and advanced access controls for organizations to meet regulatory mandates. SaaSWizard 2.0 also integrates with LDAP directories and Windows management Instrumentation, for automatic discovery of users' computer environments.

Also included in version 2.0 are a charting and reporting engine, with dozens of default charts, and drag-and-drop dashboard compilation, for combining charts from multiple tables.

A user of the product vouched for its ease of use. "I would characterize it as a rapid development platform that doesn't require programming," with a graphical environment for developing custom applications, said the user, Steve Chipman, founder of Lexnet Consulting Group, a value-added reseller (VAR).

Lexnet used the platform to develop ManuLogic, a support application for equipment applications. It can either be hosted or installed on-premises.

"I like [SaaSWizard] because it's a SaaS platform that's available to a VAR and in general VARs are insulated from the revenue share on SaaS-driven applications," Chipman said. But with SaaSWizard, Lexnet is able to build an application that it could resell, he said.

SaaSWizard 2.0 is built on an open source technology stack featuring Linux, the JBoss application server and the MySQL database. Solaris, AIX and Windows also are supported.

Additional capabilities include:

* Email integration.

* A text search engine.

* Single sign-on.

* Multi-language support.

* Customization.