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EMC unveils drop-in replacement for tape libraries

When is a tape library not a tape library? when it’s really a disk array. EMC’s new Clariion Disk Library products emulate popular tape libraries from ADIC, Quantum, and StorageTek. According to EMC’s Justin Bartinoski, harried admins can now move from tape backup to fast, inexpensive ATA disk-based storage in as little as two hours. Based on EMC’s Clariion RAID-3 arrays, the products work with storage management software from IBM Tivoli, Legato, and Veritas. But the new EMC arrays still cost much more than tape, relegating them to applications where speedy backup and restore are key. “We’re not looking at this product as taking over the whole tape world,” Bartinoski says. EMC will begin shipping Disk Libraries this week, starting at $109,000 for 500GB of storage.

Clariion Disk Library, EMC

MS Office does SarbOx

Microsoft can’t solve your regulatory compliance problems for you, but its new Office Solution Accelerator for Sarbanes-Oxley can get you started. Available free of charge, the package combines templates and best-practice guidance with software based on InfoPath and SharePoint Services, allowing Office System customers and VARs to more easily implement audit trails, monitoring, reporting, and workflow within the various Office applications. It even supports double-byte languages for foreign companies that do business in the United States.

Office Solution Accelerator for Sarbanes-Oxley, Microsoft

Managed e-mail warehouse

Between regulatory compliance and ever-increasing volume, long-term

e-mail storage is a growing problem for many enterprises. Now AT&T has partnered with EMC and KVS to provide secure mail storage in its own managed datacenters through the AT&T E-Mail Archiving service. Pricing is per-user per-month, depending on requirements. All infrastructure costs are included; network bandwidth is not. Currently, the service only works with Exchange environments, although Lotus support is being evaluated.

AT&T E-Mail Archiving, AT&T

Solaris updates trickle out

Sun Microsystems has been gradually making pieces of its upcoming Solaris 10 release available through its Software Express program, but that doesn’t mean development has halted on Solaris 9. Last week, the flagship OS gained significant performance improvements on both Xeon and UltraSPARC processors; updates to the volume manager; and support for new hardware, including Sun Blade 1500 and 2500 workstations and Sun Fire V20z and E25K servers.

Solaris 9 Update 6, Sun Microsystems

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