Microsoft's latest fantasy

The news this week of Microsoft's Midori project has Randall Kennedy reflecting on other high-concept technologies that went nowhere. Think: Microsoft' Cairo.

"What's this 'Midori' thing I keep hearing about? Is that the code name for Windows 8? No? Then what the heck is it? A completely new OS, you say? Written from the ground-up to replace Windows? But what about Vista? And Windows 7/8? I thought they were 'wonderful'" Kennedy writes in Get ready for Windows 'Mickey Mouse'.

The details, of course, are still sketchy. And the more he learns about Midori, the more it resembles a developer pipe dream.

"That's why I'm placing 'Midori' up there with Mickey, Minnie, [the] Donald and similar fantastical constructs -- i.e. things I'll likely never see in real life (unless I'm heavily medicated, in which case all bets are off).

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